Frances Tiafoe is New Future of American Tennis

Frances Tiafoe – ATP Tour Uncovered

Frances Tiafoe is a 17 year-old American tennis prodigy.  Even though his career is just getting started, he has been labeled as the future of American tennis.  Tiafoe is the first tennis player to sign to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports, which gives an idea of the expectations on the young man.

Hopefully there is a long-term plan for Tiafoe because his story is starting out similarly to Donald Young.  After over 10 years, Young still has yet to make his mark in professional tennis.  Young credits his recent rise to getting in better shape, so hopefully Tiafoe and his people learn from Young’s struggles.  Tiafoe needs to develop physically before he will be able to excel in the men’s game, but if he does the sky is the limit.


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