Stephen A Smith Rant on Kevin Durant

Stephen A Smith Rant (First Take)

In response to Kevin Durant’s claims that he is a liar, an epic Stephen A Smith rant was delivered.  Smith addressed Durant’s claims that he never talked to him by pointing out that he interviewed him at his house in Seattle when he was a rookie.  Smith also pointed out that Durant’s own mother was a guest on the show.

But that was only the beginning as Stephen A was noticeably offended.  Smith had to mention how he broke the Lebron James to Miami story, so he would put his reputation against anyone.  He then ridiculed Durant for ridiculing the media for insinuating that his then coach Scott Brooks would get fired, when he eventually was.

Kevin Durant took the brunt of the Stephen A Smith rant, but it was for the entire league.  Smith mentioned how sensitive that today’s athletes are, and that it is getting out of hand.  He then went on to explain why none of them want no problems with him because he has a national show and he will always get the last word.  This is interesting because someone is going to get humbled, and judging by the rant it isn’t going to be Stephen A.


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