Javier Chicharito Hernandez to Orlando City Would Be Big for MLS

Javier Chicharito Hernandez Highlights

Bleacher Report reported that Javier Chicharito Hernandez has softened his stance on coming to MLS, and his agent is in negotiations to try to bring his client to Orlando to play.  If he comes to Orlando City SC and the MLS it would be the most impactful signing for the league to date.  Other internationals are bigger stars on a world scale, but typically they don’t come over until they are pass their prime, while Hernandez is just 27 years old.

The experts criticize Hernandez’s game saying that he isn’t a complete player, but in the United States the soccer fan isn’t as savvy, so they will appreciate Hernandez’s ability to put the ball in the net.  For all his short comings Hernandez must be doing something right because he played for Manchester United and Real Madrid.  He may not have got the playing time he wanted, but the bottom line is he was playing for 2 of the highest profile soccer clubs in the world, so him coming to MLS would legitimize the entire league.


Sepp Blatter Re-Elected to 5th Term as FIFA President

Sepp Blatter Re-Election Speech

If the U.S. thought that arresting a few people would change something at FIFA they were sadly mistaken as Sepp Blatter was elected to his 5th term as FIFA President.  Not only that, he called out the United States and England, saying they are just mad because they didn’t get to host the World Cup.

There is some truth to his statement from an American perspective.  America is the minor leagues of soccer, so why are we getting involved at all with big time soccer? We don’t even call it the same name as the rest of the world.  This comes down to money because FIFA is making so much money for the world football clubs that the United States wants in.

The whole case is rather hypocritical because bribery and inducement is part of our society as well, but it isn’t as evident to many residents.  For example, in the NFL, when a town is voting to use tax funds to build a stadium, they are promised a Superbowl in order to get the vote passed.

Sepp Blatter isn’t doing anything new, it’s just that he is getting too powerful in some people’s eyes.  The charges were just for the sensational story.  Even if those arrested flip on Blatter, the U.S. won’t be able to touch him because he has too many relationships all over the world.  Blatter showed that he is not one to back down, and he is ready for war.  Apparently judging by the election, his FIFA constituents have his back.

Landon Donovan Isn’t As Good As USA Soccer Fans Think


There was some uproar when US Men’s National Soccer coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, didn’t include US soccer legend, Landon Donovan, on the final 2014 World Cup roster, but in reality that shows progression.  Donovan’s omission wasn’t much of a surprise because Klinsmann has made it clear that over time that US players need to play against players they will be facing in the World Cup, hence they need to join European leagues.  The roster reflects that as one of the young players being questioned, Julian Green, plays for Bayern Munich.  Even though he may not have experience, the fact that he is part of the Bayern Munich program means that he has a type of talent that possibly no other US player could match, so he has to be on the roster.  Green had a choice to play for Germany, so obviously he needed to be on the US roster.  But the bigger question is why do we think Donovan is the greatest American soccer player when Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard have both had superior careers against better competition.

Clint Dempsey – USA Soccer – The Captain


Tim Howard has enjoyed a successful career in England at Everton in the Premier League one of the top leagues in the world, while Clint Dempsey made his mark at Fulham also in the Premier League.  But in America we salute the player who couldn’t cut it abroad and made his mark at home in the minor leagues.  It is that mentality that Klinsmann has to battle to try to bring soccer up in this country.  That is why in an interview with 60 Minutes Sports, Klinsmann mentioned that he wants to change the way that soccer is played in this country.  Therefore it makes sense that Donovan isn’t on the team because it signifies a new era.  These young players need to figure it out, and Donovan can’t really help them because he hasn’t been where they are trying to go.  The US has been waiting to take the next step and be competitive on a world stage, and maybe that will happen now that they have let go of the past.



Sir Alex Ferguson to Retire from Manchester United


Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement at the end of the season from Manchester United of the British Premier League.  Sir Alex is 71 years old and has been with United since 1986.  He will retire as the most successful coach in British soccer history winning 38 trophies at Man U including 13 Premier League championships, 2 Champions league titles, and 5 FA Cups.

Here is the statement by Sir Alex Ferguson announcing his retirement:

The decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about and one that I have not taken lightly. It is the right time. It was important to me to leave an organisation in the strongest possible shape and I believe I have done so.

The quality of this league winning squad, and the balance of ages within it, bodes well for continued success at the highest level whilst the structure of the youth set-up will ensure that the long- term future of the club remains a bright one.

Our training facilities are amongst the finest in global sport and our home Old Trafford is rightfully regarded as one of the leading venues in the world. Going forward, I am delighted to take on the roles of both director and ambassador for the club.

With these activities, along with my many other interests, I am looking forward to the future. I must pay tribute to my family, their love and support has been essential.

My wife Cathy has been the key figure throughout my career, providing a bedrock of both stability and encouragement. Words are not enough to express what this has meant to me.

As for my players and staff, past and present, I would like to thank them all for a staggering level of professional conduct and dedication that has helped to deliver so many memorable triumphs. Without their contribution the history of this great club would not be as rich.

In my early years, the backing of the board, and Sir Bobby Charlton in particular, gave me the confidence and time to build a football club, rather than just a football team.

Over the past decade, the Glazer family have provided me with the platform to manage Manchester United to the best of my ability and I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with a talented and trustworthy Chief Executive in David Gill. I am truly grateful to all of them.

To the fans, thank you. The support you have provided over the years has been truly humbling. It has been an honour and an enormous privilege to have had the opportunity to lead your club and I have treasured my time as manager of Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Legend of the Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo was brought in as a teenager to replace David Beckham at Manchester United, which was a daunting task, but he lived up to the hype as a youngster and even surpassed it.  He became a legend of the English Premier League, and that was just the beginning.

Ronaldo left England for Spain and his legend grew even more.  Currently with Real Madrid, Ronaldo is not just considered one of the top soccer players in the world, but one of the top athletes in the world.  Ronaldo’s star became even brighter after his departure from England, which is why his time there is remembered so fondly.  It was the beginning of something great.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Legend of Premier League

60 Minutes on Barcelona FC [Documentary]

60 Minutes‘ went behinds the scenes of what some consider the best sports franchise in the world, Barcelona FC.  Barcelona has an infrastructure in place where they identify prospects as young as 8 years old and develop them.  It’s really brilliant when you think about it because by developing the talent it breeds familiarity between players, saves on payroll, and allows you to stay dominant due to a steady flow of new talent.

It is easy in theory, but if it was that easy every one could do it.  Other clubs can’t match the success that Barcelona has achieved over the years, so there is some skill involved.  It’s easy for clubs to find players, but are they the right players.  Barcelona seems to have a knack to find players that fit in with their homegrown talent.  That is why they are one of the premier soccer clubs in the world.

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Barcelona FC on 60 Minutes


Lionel Messi: The World’s Greatest Player [FULL EPISODE]


Take a look into the life of Lionel Messi, 25 year old football (soccer) phenom of Barcelona FC, and see why peers and fans alike consider him, “The World’s Greatest Player.”

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Lionel Messi – The World’s Greatest Player

Lionel Messi: World’s Greatest Player by football-stories


Being: Liverpool FC of The Premier League (Free TV Online)

Being: Liverpool FC Episode 1

Liverpool FC (Football Club) is one of the most historic Premier League franchises, but they have lost their luster lately.  We live in a  what have you done for me lately time, and Liverpool FC hasn’t done anything lately.  But being owned by Fenway Sports Group, there should have been no doubt that they were going to mobilize their fan base the same way they did with the Boston Red Sox.  So it’s no surprise that Liverpool is the first Premier League franchise to open their doors to capitalize on the reality tv craze.  This is the same franchise that gave Lebron James partial ownership for publicity and it worked, so until they start winning they are going to do what they have to.

Go behind the scenes with an English Premier League club Liverpool as they fight to re-claim past glory and become more relevant in the European football world.

Being: Liverpool is a 2012 fly on the wall documentary television series about Liverpool Football Club broadcast on Fox Soccer in the United States, Sportsnet in Canada, and Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. It follows the team behind the scenes on their pre season in North America in July 2012 and the build up to their 2012–13 season in the Premier League.


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Episode 6


Red Bull Street Style Soccer Freestyle World Final 2012

Red Bull scoured the world to find the best 50 soccer free-stylers in the world to compete in the Soccer Freestyle World Finals 2012 in Italy.  It is amazing the ball control they have.  This shows the art of soccer that hasn’t really caught on in the States.

This soccer freestyle is the equivalent of USA’s AND 1 basketball, in my opinion, and we know AND 1 changed basketball, whether it was for the better still remains to be seen.  But the street level is what soccer in America needs because we have the technical aspect, but we lack the flair and feel of the game to truly excel.

Red Bull Soccer Freestyle World Final 2012